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  Leading international companies confirm their strong support for investing in Thailand.  
The Dow Chemical Company


"The Dow Chemical Company has been in Thailand for over 40 years. Together with our partner, the Siam Cement Group, we have grown in Thailand with the encouragement of the Board of Investment.

"Today we are undertaking many growth projects in Thailand, including a US$3 billion investment in the best technology we have available in the world as well as the best environmental health and safety practices.

"We see nothing but growth in our projects and our ability to sell great products to help the economy grow."

Andrew Liveris
President and Chief Executive Officer
The Dow Chemical Company

Ford Motor Company


"This investment underscores our long-term commitment to Thailand, and its role as a global production and export hub for Ford. The decision to build our new plant was supported by Thailand's world-class automotive industry and logistics and export infrastructure."

"The auto industry is growing rapidly in Asia, everywhere from China to India to Thailand and markets all around ASEAN. Even during the global economic downturn, the Asia-Pacific auto market grew, and currently we are seeing a 15% increase from last year. That is one of the major reasons we need this new facility in Thailand for additional capacity."

Joe Hinrichs
Group Vice President and
President of Ford Asia Pacific and Africa
Canadoil Group


"At Canadoil, we believe in the Thai people. As proof of our belief in Thai people, Canadoil is proud to announce its latest and largest investment in Thailand, Canadoil Plate Limited.

"The 20 billion Thai baht investment will see Thailand become a regional hub in the supply of specialty metal plates, serving many aspects of economic development.

"Let us start paying attention and giving credit where it is due: to the majority of hard-working, honest and peace-loving Thais that make companies like ours successful global realities."

Giacomo Sozzi
Chief Executive Officer
Canadoil Group

Tata Motors


"Working with the Board of Investment was a pleasant experience because they were so proactive. The BOI, the Ministry of Industry and all the agencies we worked with have all been very supportive."

Ajit Venkataraman
Chief Executive Officer
Tata Motors (Thailand)

Volclay Siam


"Despite the events of the past two years, both globally and locally, Volclay Siam remains bullish on Thailand. The combination of well-developed and improving infrastructure and consistent support from the Board of Investment and other government agencies makes Thailand an attractive location for investment. The company is proceeding with our expansion plans, as we are confident that the Thai economy is on the road to recovery."

Hugh A.S. Parker
Volclay International
Grampian Food Siam Limited


"The most important thing for foreign investors in Thailand would be the people and the culture. The people are very friendly, which makes it easy and makes it a nice working place. Besides that, Thai people are very dedicated."

Ronald de Hann
Managing Director
Grampian Food Siam Limited

  Updated 22 March 2010  

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