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Thai Food, a popular food everywhere in the world.
The country is quite fortunate with abundance of agriculture produce vegetables, fruits, herbs and spices. Thai cuisine has undergone numerous changes and adaptations. It nevertheless retains its distinctiveness which makes Thai food highly popular among connoisseurs of fine dining the world over. Thai food is delicious nutritional and easy to cook so it is becoming more and more popular. Thais do not use knives and forks but use forks and spoons. The fork is held in the left hand to help get the food onto the right-hand-held spoon.

A large dish of rice is always the centerpiece which is surrounded by, a small dish of snack, a small side-dish of Naam Prig or Lohn with dipping sauce and vegetable nearby, a medium-size dish of Yaam (salad), a medium-size of dish of baked/steamed/fried varieties, a proper size bowl of Dtom Jued (soup) as well as Gaeng (curry). The soup is served together with the other dishes where as western custom is to serve the soup before the main course. To fulfill a grand end of a Thai meal, Thai desserts and exotic fruits would be waiting nearby.

Sample of Famous Thai Dishes:

Thai Red Curry, Tom Yum Soup, Green Curry, Thai Spring Rolls, Pad Thai Recipes, Sticky Rice Recipe, Tom Ka Kai, Som Tam (Spicy Papaya salad),Mango Sticky Rice Recipe and many more.

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Photo from Benjarong Thai Restaurant In Bangkok, Thailand